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Written by Diana Saenger   

Not since the original film Aladdin hit the big screen 10 years ago, has such excitement about a world of magic carpets, Genies in a lamp, and romantic adventures of likeable characters come to life. Aladdin is a DVD that will bring hours of entertainment into your home.

The new Aladdin is the same original story with the crazy, comedic voice of Robin Williams as the Genie, Princess Jasmine, voiced graciously by Linda Larkin and Aladdin voiced by Scott Weinger. But this is not the same movie as it has been redone with deleted scenes and songs put back in and new songs and exciting extra features added.

Princess Jasmine still has her romantic quests and her problem of escaping from her father's demand that she must marry. Aladdin is still up to mischief, running from cutthroats, being put down by pompous rich men and trying to find out who he is. Abu (Frank Welker), Aladdin's sidekick monkey, is as funny as ever. And Genie is still Genie - imaginative and hilarious.

The entire family can enjoy this adventure story. With solid messages about good overcoming evil and great things happening to nice people, kids can identify with life's problems and ways to solve them while having a good laugh.

Wonderful Music Talents and Music Videos

The Platinum Edition 2-Disc collection has enough entertainment to last for days of viewing pleasure. American Idol fans will have to "own" this DVD since it contains a complete music video of Clay Aiken singing the deleted ballad in the original film, "Proud of Your Boy."

Listening to the audio commentary by the film's producers (there's also a great one by all the animators), you'll learn how the original story line of Aladdin's mother got deleted from the original film and how the song "Proud of Your Boy" came to be. You'll also see the original storyboards of this deleted segment. Written by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, the song is well performed by Aiken.

Clay Aiken Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Also adding a music video as an extra to the collection are Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson with their recording of a new version of "A Whole New World."

Totally Enhanced Sound

Visually and sound wise Disney has gone all out in creating the DVD of Aladdin. Presentation is in digital format, which produces extraordinary color and life-like characters. Sound options include 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theatre Mix, Dolby Digital Surround Sound. You can even create your own audio selections in the Set Up menu. You'll think you're in the theater when you hear the sound quality on this DVD.

Also included on Disc 1 are Pop-Up Fun Facts, Aladdin still frame art, rare deleted scenes and song word pop up - sing-along selections.

Games, Games, Games

Of course the kids are going to be excited by the games on the Disc 2. "Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride Adventure" is almost as much fun as being in the movie. And how fun is it to take a tour with Genie outside his lamp and explore a fantasy world and play games?

Kids can do all that and more along with Genie animator Eric Goldberg. For those who are intrigued by Jafar, he presides at a booth where game players have a chance to have "three wishes" granted.

With the new release of Aladdin, Disney certainly does help make it a wonderful world.



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