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The Doughgirls (1944)
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the_dough_girls_145.jpgThe Doughgirls (1944) This entry into the rarefied genre of World War II housing shortage comedy/romance showcases the distaff side thanks to some luminary leading ladies. Ann Sheridan, Alexis Smith and Jane Wyman star as a trio of ex-chorus girls who inadvertently co-habit a rare Washington D.C. hotel suite while in various states of matrimonial distress. Eve Arden plays a Russian guerrilla girl who may be able to save all their bacons. There’s plenty of star power on display, but this is Jane Wyman’s show with a soupçon of Arden delight. Jack Carson and Irene Manning co-star. James V. Kern directs.

If this is overcrowding, squeeze yourself in – fast. With a clutch of pros spinning comedy gold from a topical situation – the Washington, DC World War II housing shortage – The Doughgirls, from Joseph Fields’s Broadway hit, starts at a farcical gallop and unfurls its jokey, hokey hijinks with broad, breezy bravado. Two dimwitted newlyweds (Jack Carson and Jane Wyman) claim their very own hotel bridal suite, but it’s not to be their very own for very long.

the_dough_girls_poster_220.jpgIn short order, the honeymoon nest becomes a nuthouse, reuniting husband-hunting ex-showgirl pals (Ann Sheridan and Alexis Smith) and going global with the arrival of a Russian guerrilla fighter (outrageous Eve Arden) who craves fish and targets pigeons to hone her Nazi-sniping skills. Also crashing the joint: one ex-wife, two bumbling bureaucrats (Charlie Ruggles and John Alexander), a maid squad that cleans with dizzying speed and a schmo (pre-Three Stooges Joe DeRita) in search of a bed. It’s exhaustingly amusing nonsense (directed by I Love Lucy’s James V. Kern) that runs riot through its paces: a laugh-riot!

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