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Hitlerís Children (1943)
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hitlers_children_145.jpgFrom Warner Archiveís Horror and The Homefront Collecton comes Hitlerís Children (1943).This was RKOís searing drama, inspired by Gregor Ziemerís ďEducation for Death,Ē depicts a young American girl's fate when she is declared to be a native by a nation determined to turn its kinders into killers. Bonita Granville plays Anna Muller, declared to be a German citizen by the Gestapo as war looms over Europe. Tim Holt plays Karl Bruner, the Gestapo lieutenant who still believes in true love. Kent Smith plays the kind US born professor who desperately tries to extract Anna from the horrors of her re-education. Edward Dymtrk directs and delivers a searing A-list drama from a cast of B-movie royalty.

hitlers-children-poster_200.jpgTim Holt and Bonita Granville expose the Nazi corruption of German youth in this wartime shocker, based on Gregor Ziemer's best-selling book and directed by Edward Dmytryk (Murder, My Sweet). During the Memorial Day celebrations at the American Colony School run by Professor Nichols (Kent Smith), U.S. citizen and teacher Anna Muller (Granville) is arrested by the Gestapo. Finding her in a labor camp, Nichols turns to Anna's childhood boyfriend, SS Lieutenant Karl Bruner (Holt), who warns the professor not to interfere. Sentenced to be sterilized for refusing to bear children for the Fuehrer, Anna escapes from the camp, and Karl is forced to decide whether to help his old friend or carry out the dictates of Hitler. An exploitation picture that pulled no punches, Hitler's Children was the sleeper hit of the year and went on to become one of the highest-grossing films in RKO history.

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