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Hugh O'Brian or What's Left of Him
Written by Diana Saenger   

Book Author Hugh O'Brian with Virginia O'Brian




It only takes reading the foreword pages by Debbie Reynolds and Hugh Heffner in Hugh O'Brian's book Hugh O'Brian or What's Left of Him to know the reader is in for a good time of nostalgia. Both forewords reveal a lot about the man most of us knew as Wyatt Earp but they knew as a kind and sincere friend. Immediately we learn about Hugh's young life as Hugh jr., and how he became an entrepreneur at a very young age. Learning lessons became a good focal point that obviously worked to his advantage in his career.


The book is full of stories that enthrall and offer visuals of the actor’s other lives. Like when he was in the Marne Corp in San Diego, CA. and had to fight in a wrestling match. The referee ended up being a man in the audience by the name of John Wayne who was making a film in town.


O'Brian's life journey is fascinating, especially in how he met so many stars like Virginia Mayo and Bob Hope even before he became a celebrity.  Many of the characters he played were amusing, but he always made the best of each situation - often helped by other actors drawn to his easy-going attitude and merging talent. I like how he managed the studios to his benefit. 



Of course, the story of how he got the role of Wyatt Earp is fun and revealing about O'Brian's persistence and fortitude that carried him through to a career in television and on stage. His thoughts about today compared to yesterday say a lot about O'Brian's philosophy.  He says he never lost sight of being able to help those less fortunate. He proved that point when he founded HOBY - Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership, an organization  which now has more than 4,000 volunteers who help students learn love of our country, leadership and community service.


Marcia Henderson & Hugh in           "Back To God's Country"
There's much to discover about this popular movie star. Want to know? - How he became the only male to live at the women-only House of Seven Garbos?
Why he changed his name?
Which celebrities he mowed lawns for? 
How he caught a bank robber?  
About his acquaintance with the Beatles and Elvis Presley?
What noted personalities rallied behind O'Brian with HOBY?
Who he married and at what age? 

Then definitely pick up this book. It's a great read with wonderful photos of a true man and legend.


Book Data 

• Published by Book Publishers Network; 1st edition (April 21, 2014)

• Softcover

ISBN-10: 1940598303

ISBN-13: 978-1940598307

• 203 pages

• $14.09 (amazon)





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