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the_gable_bear_bunch-270.jpgClassic movie fans will be excited to order New Releases of DVDS of Gable "In The MGM Stable" that are Manufactured on Demand (MOD) from the Warner archive Collection.These new titles include: Polly Of The Circus, Key To The City, Never Let Me Go, Saving Face (2012), Help! It's The Hair Bear Bunch!: The Complete Animated



POLLY OF THE CIRCUS (1932) Gable dons the collar of the cleric to lend rectitude and desire to this Marion Davies showpiece about a circus girl who falls on the wrong side of the tracks. After falling from the trapeze, the recuperating Polly (Davies) falls for the Reverend and tries to trade in her form-fitting togs for the drapes of a society matron. But the closed minds of small towns and religious scorn threaten to dash their dreams. Gable might have been cast against type, but he still delivers the goods while Davies delights. Future Johnny Mack Brown sidekick Raymond Hatton is arresting as Downey, a scabrous, close-mouthed ex-dsypeptic one draft of dust away from a draught. The prolific Alfred Santell helms while  Ms. Davies produces. NEWLY REMASTERED


key_to_the_city-200.jpgKEY TO THE CITY (1950) The screen still smolders with Clark Gable and Loretta Young reunited fifteen years after being paired in The Call of the Wild. The sly and the slapstick in this sex and politics satire combine in a fizzy mix which finds two middle aged, single mayors meeting cute at a mayor's convention in San Francisco. Gable is a two-fisted longshoreman turned politico, while Young is a Harvard gal turned small Maine town mayoress. A top-tier team lends their support, including Frank Morgan, Raymond Burr, Lewis Stone and Pamela Britton. But all eyes remain fixed on the main attraction, Gable and Young. George Sidney directs. NEWLY REMASTERED


never_let_me_go-200.jpgNEVER LET ME GO (1953) Men's Adventure and May-December romance sets sail straight into the soul-freezing chills of the Cold War in this amor-actioner shot overseas in Cornwall as part of Gable's extended continental acting sojourn (which also included Mogambo and Betrayed). Delmer Daves directs this tale of a Moscow based WWII correspondent (Gable) whose world is turned upside down following his Victory Day discovery that the ballerina of his dreams (Tierney) dreams of him, too. With the Iron Curtain coming down between them, the lovers' fate lies in the wiles of a old sea salt - provided the typewriter jockey can learn to master a schooner --and hold his vodka. Also stars Bernard Miles, Richard Haydn, Belita, and Kenneth More. NEWLY REMASTERED 


saving_face-200.jpgSAVING FACE (2012) Winner of the 2012 Oscar® for Best Documentary Short. Saving Face tells the stories of two Pakistani "acid attack" victims: Zakia, a 39-year old whose husband threw acid on her after she filed for divorce, and Rukhsana, a 25-year-old whose husband and in-laws threw acid and gasoline on her, then set her on fire. Charting the arduous attempts to bring their assailants to justice, the film also follows plastic surgeon Dr. Mohammad Jawad, who put his London practice on hold to return to his home country to help Zakia, Rukhsana and other victims. A powerful look inside Pakistani society, Saving Face illuminates each woman's personal journey while depicting the efforts of reformers to end this practice. 


hair_bear_bunch-200.jpgHELP! IT'S THE HAIR BEAR BUNCH!: THE COMPLETE ANIMATED SERIES (1971) In the Wonderland Zoo there are the certain bears who stay at home every night and never quarrel or fight, aw, they don't even bite! So don't yell "Help! Help!", it's the Hair Bear Bunch! Yep - it's the heppest, savviest and silliest ursines to ever crash out of a zoo, Hair, Square and Bubi Bear. Their bear cave transforms from stone and straw to a swinging, scientific bachelor bear pad at the touch of a button - and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Quick-talking Hair (voiced by Daws Butler), befuddling curlicue talker Bubi (voiced by Paul Winchell) and master of the invisible motorcycle, the zen-drawling Square Bear (voiced by William Callaway) are more than a match for their "keepers" Mr. Peevly (voiced by John Stephenson) and Botch (voiced by Joe E. Ross) - with or without the other delightful denizens of Wonderland Zoo, who are always ready to help the Bears in their bigger-than-the-zoo schemes. This two-disc, 16 episode collection contains all the mod bears madcap extra-zoohicular adventures. NEWLY REMASTERED

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