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coens_comics__criminals-200.jpgOnce again Warner Bros. is digging into the vaults and bringing out some great Classic movies to entertain fans and maybe make some new ones. The Coens, Comics & Criminals include the Manufactured on Demand (MOD) listed below from the Warner archive Collection. To order visit (www.WarnerArchive.com or www.wbshop.com)

THE HUDSUCKER PROXY (1994) Blu-ray DiscTM debut! This Coen Bros.' overlooked gem is at once a savage satire on America's love affair with Horatio Alger-style tales of mail room to board room bunkum and a sly tribute to the cinema of Sturges and Capra. With a superb cast headed by Tim Robbins, Paul Newman and Jennifer Jason Leigh, the film glows with a staccato script and a sense of style as intricate as Busby's most Art Deco dreams. Robbins plays the naf with an idea ("You know...for kids!") that skips up the corporate ladder under the Machiavellian direction of board member Sidney J. Mussburger (Newman). Also features Bruce Campbell in front of the lens and Sam Raimi behind it (co-writer and second unit director).

THE FBI, THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON (1968 - 1969) Fellow Travelers... Mob Killers... Nazi War Criminals - Inspector Erskine and the stalwarts of the Federal Bureau of Investigation fight them all! In the fall of 1968, as the Summer of Love faded to the winter of our national discontent, Inspector Erskine (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.), Special Agent Colby (William Reynolds), and Assistant Director Ward (Philip Abbott) continued to battle the nation's enemies and delivering top-notch drama. At the height of its powers, The FBI's well-oiled machine continued to draw in the star power - both the iconic and the up-and-coming, from golden age great Ralph Bellamy (as a Nazi sympathizer) to soon-to-be TV superstar Chad Everett (as a psycho wannabe Vietnam War hero), as well as Dawn Wells, Susan Strasberg, Dorothy Provine, Cicely Tyson, Lynda Day, Gene Tierney, Dean Stockwell, Robert Duvall, Harrison Ford, James Caan, and teenaged Ronny Howard.

WHEELER AND WOOLSEY: THE RKO COMEDY CLASSICS COLLECTION Help yourself to a heaping batch of Bert and Robert in this collection of nine rollicking pictures starring RKO's comedy kings. Plus, there's lovely guest stars galore - such as Lupe Velez, Betty Grable, Thelma Todd, and Dorothy Lee! 4-Disc collection includes:

  • Half Shot At Sunrise (1930) Wheeler and Woolsey make their starring debut as a pair of doughboys chasing the ladies and dodging bullets. Dorothy Lee plays one of the ladies.
  • Hook, Line and Sinker (1930) Bert and Robert play a pair of fast-talking insurance salesmen who help a hotel heiress (Dorothy Lee) turn her legacy around.
  • Cracked Nuts (1931) After Woolsey wins a kingdom's throne gambling, the team gets caught up in a revolution. With Dorothy Lee and Boris Karloff.
  • Caught Plastered (1931) A pair of vaudevillians turn a merchant's fortunes around by producing a radio show out of her store. With Dorothy Lee and Jason Robards (Sr.).
  • Hold 'Em Jail (1932) Bert and Robert in the Big House! After getting kangarooed in to the hoosegow, the boys get back by starting a prison football league. With Betty Grable, Edna May Oliver, Robert Armstrong and Edgar Kennedy.
  • Hips, Hips, Hooray (1934) Thelma Todd stars as a businesswoman beautician that hire Bert and Robert as flavored lipstick salesmen. With Dorothy Lee and George Meeker.
  • The Nitwits (1935) Two cigar-stand attendants - a would be songsmith and a would be Edison - get tangled up in murder. With Betty Grable and Evelyn Brent.
  • Mummy's Boys (1936) A pair of ditch-diggers sign up for spadework among the cursed tombs of Egypt. With Willie Best.
  • High Flyers (1937) The boys' final film finds them playing a pair of carnival flyers caught up in gem smuggling. With Lupe Velez and Margaret Dumont.

Five Favorites Now in One Package!

THE TARZAN COLLECTION STARRING JOCK MAHONEY AND MIKE HENRY Repackaged By Popular Demand! We are pleased to present a third volume of Tarzan films DVDs previously released individually in a quality value package. This collection features the next two incarnations of John Clayton that lead directly to Ron Ely's first TV season as the Jungle Lord!

  • Tarzan Goes To India (1963) Jock Mahoney makes his debut in this tale thats sees Lord Greystoke coming to the aid of his elephant allies' sub-continental cousins.
  • Tarzan's Three Challenges (1963) Tarzan (Jock Mahoney) travels to Thailand to help guide a young man find his destiny.
  • Tarzan and The Valley Of Gold (1965) Sy Weintraub's reinvention of Tarzan reaches its apogee in this Bondian adventure introducing Mike Henry as the Jungle Lord. TV Tarzan sidekick Manuel Padilla, Jr, also appears.
  • Tarzan and The Great River (1967) Tarzan braves the New World jungles of Amazonia to help a doctor in her battle against disease and the depredations of the Jaguar Cult. Also stars Manuel Padilla, Jr.
  • Tarzan and The Jungle Boy (1968) Tarzan returns to Africa to join the hunt for a young boy whose feral adventures strike a familiar chord in the Jungle Lord.




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