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Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment's "manufacturing on demand" ("MOD") program continues to expand with the newest selection of films as part of MGM's Limited Edition Collection. These 18 films will be available through major online retailers on November 22. This group of releases features classics from 1954 to 1989 including performances by Hollywood's greats - Jeff Bridges, Burt Reynolds, Ian McShane, Jacqueline Bisset and Helena Bonham Carter, to name just a few.

Enjoy your favorite movies from across the decades including:


Gog (1954) - A security agent investigates sabotage and murder at a secret underground laboratory, home of two experimental robots. Stars Herbert Marshall; Constance Dowling; Richard Egan. Directed by Herbert L. Strock.

The Big Caper (1957) - An indebted con man persuades a crime boss to bankroll a heist on a small town bank, posing as a married couple with the bosses girl. Stars Rory Calhoun; Mary Costa; James Gregory; Robert Harris. Directed by Robert Stevens.


Three Came To Kill (1960) - As part of a plot to assassinate a visiting Middle-Eastern premier, professional killers invade the home of a flight controller and hold his terrified family hostage. Stars Cameron Mitchell; Steve Brodie; Lyn Thomas. Directed by Edward L. Cahn.

You Have To Run Fast (1961) - A doctor is on the run from the mob after he identifies two hoods involved in a murder. Stars Craig Hill; Elaine Edwards. Directed by Edward L. Cahn.

Hostile Witness (1968) - Ray Milland plays a barrister whose daughter is killed in a "hit-and-run" accident. When his neighbor is also killed, evidence points to the barrister as the murderer. Did he do it? Is he insane? The trial begins... Stars Ray Milland; Felix Aylmer; Raymond Huntley; Sylvia Syms. Directed by Ray Milland.

The 1,000 Plane Raid (1969) - A U.S. Air Force colonel convinces the Allies during World War II that a daylight bombing raid of Germany will bring a quick end to the war. Stars Christopher George; Laraine Stephens; J.D. Cannon; Gary Marshall. Directed by Boris Sagal.

The Bed Sitting Room (1969) - New Wave director Richard Lester joins former members of The Goon Show to create a series of comic sketches about a post-nuclear London: a girl is 17 months pregnant, a father turns into a parrot, a man becomes a chest of drawers and another man--a bed sitting room. Stars Rita Tushingham; Ralph Richardson; Peter Cook; Dudley Moore; Spike Milligan. Directed by Richard Lester.

The First Time (1969) - At a summer resort, some teenage boys are drawn to a woman (Jacqueline Bisset) without a passport, whom they mistakenly identify as a prostitute. Under the imagined spell of her "allure," they help her cross the border. Stars Jacqueline Bisset; Wes Stern; Rick Kelman. Directed by James Neilson.

Hannibal Brooks (1969) - A British POW working at a zoo in Germany attempts an escape over the Swiss Alps with his charge... a full grown elephant! Stars Oliver Reed; Karin Baal; Michael J. Pollard; John Alderton. Directed by Michael Winner.

Impasse (1969) - Burt Reynolds plays an American who seeks the aid of four vets to find $3 million in gold hidden by the Japanese in the Philippines. Stars Burt Reynolds; Anne Francis; Miko Mayama; Lyle Bettger. Directed by Richard Benedict.


Halls of Anger (1970) - An ex-basketball player becomes the vice principal at an inner city school facing violence and disruption because of desegregation. A young Jeff Bridges co-stars. Stars Calvin Lockhart; Janet MacLachlan; Jeff Bridges; James A. Watson Jr. Directed by Paul Bogart.

Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You (1970) - An American playwright living in Rome decides to visit a shrink as he fails to juggle his wife, his mistress, his girlfriends, and recurring dreams of a sex-crazed gorilla. Stars Ian McShane; Anna Calder-Marshall; Joyce Van Patten; John Gavin. Directed by Rod Amateau.

What Do You Say To A Naked Lady? (1970) - From Candid Cameraman Allen Funt comes a hysterical feature films that tells and shows all. Witness America's response to one of the most titillating stunts of all time in this hilarious expose of sex and society. Stars Allen Funt. Directed by Allen Funt.

Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery (1975) - A chicken hatchery owner and a novice private eye solve the arrow murder of local milkman, philanderer and animal fetishist. Stars Gabriel Dell; Will Geer; Jackie Coogan; Barbara Harris. Directed by Dean Hargrove.

A Small Town in Texas (1976) - After serving three years in prison, a young man's hopes of reuniting with his sweetheart and baby are dashed when he discovers that the sheriff has taken up with his girlfriend. Stars Timothy Bottoms; Susan George; Bo Hopkins; Art Hindle; Morgan Woodward. Directed by Jack Starrett.


Zone Troopers (1985) - 1944, Italy. After a group of US troops witness an alien landing, they are quickly caught up in an adventure involving everything from Nazis to ray guns. Stars Tim Thomerson; Timothy Van Patten; Art La Fleur; Biff Manard. Directed by Danny Bilson.

Opposing Force (1986) - The only female soldier in a military experiment designed to simulate POW torture conditions falls victim to the commanding officer--who justifies his insidious actions upon her as a training technique. Stars Tom Skerritt; Lisa Eichorn; Anthony Zerbe; Richard Roundtree. Directed by Eric Karson.

Getting It Right (1989) - Gavin Lamb is a 31 year-old virgin who, in just a few days, will lose his virginity to one woman, almost be forced to marry another, and possibly find true love with a third in this hilarious English comedy. Stars Jessie Birdsall; Helena Bonham Carter; Peter Cook; John Gielgud; Shirley Ann Field; Jane Horrocks; Judy Parfitt; Lynn Redgrave. Directed by Randal Kleiser.




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