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Lucille Ball FAQ: Everything Left to Know About America's Favorite Redhead
Written by Review by Diana Saenger   

lucille_ball_faq_-200.jpgApplause Theatre & Cinema Books gets a big applause for the outstanding job authors James Sheridan and Barry Monush have done on providing fun, informational and often exciting or unknown details about Lucille Ball - one of America's favorite actresses. Lucille Ball FAQ: Everything Left to Know About America's Favorite Redhead - is a must own for Ball or fans of TV& film comedians.


The 26 chapters in this book leave nothing unturned. Examples such as "Mr. and Mrs.": The Men Lucy Married; "The Lucy Ricardo Show": I Love Lucy; "World's Greatest Grandma" Life With Lucy; "Real Gone With The Wind,": Projects That Never Happened; and others offer juicy tidbits about Ball's life, loves, struggles and triumphs. In the preface Monush admits he liked Lucy more than the average I Love Lucy aficionado. Sheridan admits in his introduction that he was hooked by the comedian at the age of seven when he visited a "Lucy: Tribute at Universal Studios in Florida.


At the beginning is a wonderful and easy to follow timeline of her life and career entitled "I Thought You Wanted to Know Something About Her." The first chapter about her roots reveals Lucy's grandfather loved vaudeville shows and took Lucy and her brother Freddy. In the chapter about men we learn Lucy and Desi were almost strangers when they married in 1940, but their union would span a show that the world fell in love with.

The huge book has many wonderful tales. Find out what famous movie star tore down a house he owned next to Lucy's that brought rats running all over Lucy's property. There are pages upon pages about Lucy's friends and enemies; her shows' successes and the struggles that often accompanied them. There's an entire chapter that references "other shows or celebs" that were spoken about on Lucy's shows. (That took some research to find!)

lucille_ball_faq_-image_200.jpgWant to know: Where Lucy hung out? About her relationship with different studios? What her home life was like? About her children? About her awards? Or about her films, plays or radio show? It's all in this book. Readers will be amused by the circumstances of her audition for Gone With The Wind. †

The book is very-well laid out. Chapters have short sections that are easy to read and not tedious. The headings are clear and the bibliography is beneficial. Most amazing are the many, beautiful and well-transferred personal B&W photos from the authors in the book. † I have to say, well done James and Barry. What a grand tribute to Lucy fans.


James Sheridan is a recent graduate of Fordham University at Lincoln Center, where he majored in Communications and Media Studies. A lifelong Lucy fan, he could name every I Love Lucy episode in order at the age of seven.

Barry Monush is the editor of the Screen World annuals. He is the author of The Encyclopedia of Hollywood Film Actors, Everybody's Talkin', and West Side Story: Music on Film, all from Applause Books. He recently updated Stanley Green's Hollywood Musicals Year by Year. He is a researcher at the Paley Center for Media.


óŹ Lucille Ball FAQ: Everything Left to Know About America's Favorite Redhead

óŹ Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, June, 2011

óŹ ISBN 9781617740824

óŹ Softcover

óŹ 500 pages

óŹ $19.99

Images © Applause Theatre and Cinema Books/ James Sheridan and Barry Monush




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