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I Know Where I'm Going: KatherineHepburn, A Personal Biography
Written by Charlotte Chandler   

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Movie fans never get tired of reading about their favorite movie stars, and author Charlotte Chandler has mastered the art of interviewing classic stars or their family/acquaintances and revealing a visual image of that star that enthralls. I Know Where I'm Going: Katherine Hepburn, A Personal Biography is another Chandler entry in the book world and a fascinating read. The first 60 pages detail Hepburn's early family life. While some facts of her life are no secret, such as the suicide of her beloved brother Tom of which she was never really able to understand or get past. She even puts him above her beloved Spencer Tracy as the best important man in her life.

Other details are revealed include her time at college at Bryn Mawr. We learn that it was her Great Paternal Grandfather who carried the gene of Shaking Head - that Hepburn inherited, not Parkinson's which many people think is what Hepburn had. He maternal grandfather also committed suicide.

Of course what fans really want to read about are the movies Hepburn made and the trivia attached to them. Starting with her first film A Bill of Divorcement (1932) to her last, Love Affair (1994), it's a rich history of Hepburn's work. There's also a segment about her television work.

In a Hepburn interview she offers insight into many of her on-screen relationships with her co-stars. About Rooster Cogburn (1975) she said, "The most enjoyable part of working on Rooster Gogburn was leaning against John Wayne. It was like leaning against a tree trunk, but better. He had such a hard body. Very exciting."

On Golden Pond
Chandler also includes quotes from those who worked with Hepburn. She won her fourth Oscar for On Golden Pond (1981). Cinematographer Billy Williams said, "I got on famously with Kate. We used to have a lot of fun, and I can honestly say it was the most enjoyable picture I ever worked on."

Hepburn had great chemistry with many co-stars, especially Cary Grant. Bringing Up Baby in and The Philadelphia Story were two screwball comedies that showed their expertise at perfect comic timing.

David Lean once said his favorite film was Summertime. "It starred my favorite actress, Katherine Hepburn. Kate is a great natural and spontaneous actress. She would never admit to being a lonely person, but professionally no one can convey it better."

Spencer Tracey & Katharine Hepburn in Adams's Rib

Of course there was no better chemistry than with her the love of her life Spencer Tracey. Adam's Rib had great humor like the scene when Spencer Tracey walks in on her, his wife, and catches her having cocktails with another man and he pulls out a gun to shoot her, after a few minutes of hysterical fear, he turns the gun on himself sticks it in his mouth, to which she screams, and then he bites the end of the edible gun.

Marriages, breakups, friends, enemies, good films, bad films, it's all discussed in Chandler's engaging and entertaining book.

I Know Where I'm Going: KatherineHepburn, A Personal Biography

óŹ Publisher: Simon & Schuster (March 2, 2010)

óŹ Hardcover

óŹ Pages - 349

óŹ $18.99

óŹ ISBN-10: 1439149283

óŹ ISBN-13: 978-1439149287




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