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Fred Astaire Frequently Asked Questions
Written by Diana Saenger   

Interesting comments, highlights, questions and answers about Fred Astaire or his amazing career as a dancer, actor, singer and funny man. See how many you can answer.

FAQ 1: How many feature films did Fred Astaire make?

FAQ 2:  How many feature films or TV shows did Astaire produce?

FAQ 3:  What were some of the TV Shows he appeared on?

FAQ 4:  How many times was Astaire married?

FAQ 5:  How Many Children Does He Have?

FAQ 6:   What awards has Fred Astaire won?

FAQ 7:   What's an interesting piece of Astaire trivia?fred_astaire-_standing.jpg


Answer 1: 41. His first was Dancing Lady 1933; his last was Ghost Story 1981.

Answer 2: Three - Second Chorus (1940) (associate producer) (uncredited), An Evening with Fred Astaire (1958) (TV) (executive producer), Another Evening with Fred Astaire (1959) (TV) (executive producer)

Answer 3: There were eight that include: Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre- Think Pretty (1964) and It Takes a Thief (1968) TV  Series

Answer 4: Twice - Phyllis Livingston Potter, July 12, 1933 to September 13, 1954 (until her death), Robyn Smith, June 27, 1980 to June 22, 1987 (until his death).

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Answer 5: Two - Fred Jr. (born 1936), Ava (born 1942).

Answer 6: 1 - Berlin International Film Festival; 1 - David di Donatello Awards; 1 - Emmy; 2  -   Golden Apple Awards, 3   - Golden Globe Awards,.

Answer 7:   Fred Astaire's first screen test evaluation stated: "Can't act. Can't sing. Balding. Can dance a little."




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