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allabouteve.jpgAvailable January 22, Three All-New 5-Disc Sets Feature Best Picture, Best Actor And Best Actress Winners; The Last King of Scotland, Platoon, Rocky, Hello Dolly!, The Graduate And Many More Award Winning Titles To Be Added To The Dozens Of Films Donning Special Gold O-Ring Packaging.


  • The charming, magnetic and murderous persona of dictator Idi Amin was captured and played with passion by veteran actor Forest Whitaker in a performance that garnered him the Best Actor Oscar in 2006's The Last King of Scotland, now available in a special Gold O Ring edition.
  • The Best Picture Collection features the ground-breaking car chase sequence of
    The French Connection, the timeless songs of Sound of Music and the record-setting All About Eve, a film that won six Academy Awards and received 14 nominations, the most in film history.
  • The ruthless, corporate raider Gordon Gecko, brilliantly played by Michael Douglas in
    Wall Street, and the iconic tank commander Patton, portrayed by George C. Scott, are just two of the mesmerizing performances presented in the Best Actor Collection. Art Carney, Yul Bryner and Warner Baxter round out the collection.
  • Finally, five captivating performances from some of the most admired women of the silver screen can be seen in the Best Actress Collection. Ranging from the years 1956 to 2005, the collection features performances by Ingrid Bergman, Joanne Woodward, Hilary Swank,
    Sally Field and Reese Witherspoon.

Fox Best Picture Collection DVD Priced At $39.98 U.S. / $49.98 Canada

Titles: Length:

Gentleman's Agreement 118 min

French Connection 104 min

All About Eve 138 min

Sound of Music 175 min

How Green Was My Valley 118 min

MGM Best Picture Modern Gift Set DVD Priced At $39.98 U.S./ $49.98 Canada

Titles: Length:

Dances With Wolves 181 min

Platoon 120 min

Rocky 120 min

Silence of the Lambs 118 min

Walk the Line 135 min

UA Best Picture Classic Gift Set DVD Priced At $39.98 U.S. / $49.98 Canada

Titles: Length:

The Apartment 125 min

Marty 90 min

Tom Jones Director's Cut 121 min

Westside Story 152 min

Fox Best Actor Collection DVD Priced At $39.98 U.S. / $49.98 Canada

Titles: Length:

Wall Street 125 min

Patton 204 min

Harry & Tonto 115 min

The King and I 91 min

In Old Arizona 95 min

Fox Best Actress Collection DVD Priced At $39.98 U.S. / $49.98 Canada

Titles: Length:

Anastasia 95 min

Three Faces of Eve 91 min

Boys Don't Cry 116 min

Norma Rae 117 min

Walk the Line 135 min

Academy Awards O-Ring DVD Priced At $14.98 U.S. / $15.98 Canada

Titles: Length:

A Fish Called Wanda 108 min

A Hole In The Head 120 min

Best Years Of Our Lives 168 min

Bowling For Columbine 120 min

Charly 104 min

City Slickers 116 min

Dances With Wolves 181 min

Dead Man Walking 122 min

Exodus 208 min

Fargo 98 min

The Graduate 106 min

Hannah and Her Sisters 106 min

Leaving Las Vegas 112 min

Marty 90 min

Midnight Cowboy 113 min

Moonstruck 102 min

Platoon 120 min

Prizzi's Honor 129 min

Raging Bull 129 min

Rocky 120 min

Some Like It Hot 122 min

West Side Story 152 min



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