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Ross, Marion
Written by Diana Saenger   

Marion Ross - A Classic Mom



Date of Birth: October 25, 1928


Place of Birth: Albert Lea, Minnesota

Marion Ross Current Work: In 2007 Ross had a role in Gregg Araki's feature film Smiley Face. She makes frequent appearances on TV shows such as Family Guys or Brothers and Sisters. Ross also played Lorelai's paternal grandmother Trix Gilmore on The Gilmore Girls. Although she doesn't appear too often, her staunch attitude and almost unrecognizable appearance is terrific.

Marion Ross Hip With Young Audiences: She's had a reoccurring role in The Drew Carey Show as Beulah Carey, Drew's mom. She became a grandma that could hold her own on That 70s Show.   She's hip with young audiences. She's played Grandma Squarepants in SpongeBob SquarePants!

Profile: Marion Ross as Mrs. C of Happy Days was the typical 50s mom. The show about the Cunningham family came into our homes every week for over 10 years and retired to archives and reruns in 1984. The ideal Mom, Mrs. C made a nifty home for her husband (Tom Bosley) and her two kids, Richie (Ron Howard) and Joanie (Erin Moran). And don't forget Richie's cool greaser pal the Fonz (Henry Winkler).

While Ross played somewhat of a ditzy mom, there is nothing flighty about this charming and talented actress. Graduating from San Diego State College in 1950, her dream of a movie career landed her many film roles but it was her TV five Emmy-nominated career that took off. "Happy Days" became her calling card, and Ross doesn't regret one minute of it.

hdays.jpgRoss is still charming, attractive and bubbly and said about Happy Days, "It's closed some doors but opened others. Look at the number of fans I'm generating from the reruns." She's right. There are tons of websites about the show and a great fan club site at www.happydaysfanclub.com

Her marriage to Freeman Meskiman ended in 1969. The couple had two children. Ellen Plummer is a TV writer, and Jim Meskimen is an actor. After her divorce Ross pursued the stage and found many prominent roles on Broadway."

She and Michael met while performing a play in Costa Mesa. "It was love at first sight," said Ross with a rosy blush. The couple lives in the San Fernando Valley and although Mrs. C might have been Miss Perfect in the Happy Days kitchen, she is ecstatic that Michael is a gourmet cook. "He's a wonderful cook. We have dinner parties all the time."

Ross sees Ron Howard a lot. "I'm always bugging him to put me in his movies, but he uses his real mom instead! Can you imagine that?" Ross asked amusingly.

No matter what role she plays, amusing or intense, America will always love Ross most as Mrs. C.

Marion Ross photo credit: Diana Saenger




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