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DVD's for Father's Day
Written by Diana Saenger   

scarface100.jpgToo many ties?  Football tickets out of reach? Tools taking over the garage? DVD's are a gift that Dad can enjoy again and again and share with the entire family. This list of new releases includes some beloved classics newly released, some contemporary films and sports DVDs.

letters_from_iwo_jima140_copy.jpg'Letters of Iwo Jima'

Letters, Clint Eastwood's Academy-Award nominated counterpoint to Flags of Our Fathers, is a marvelous World War II film about the battle at Iwo Jima told from the Japanese viewpoint. Don't worry that it's Japanese with English subtitles, anyone who watches it will be mesmerized. Rated "R" - Warner Home Video.


rockford_files140.jpg'The Rockford Files Season Four'

Some dads will remember Rockford (played by James Garner), one of TV's most exciting detectives, others will be entertained to learn about this investigator that solved a diverse string of crimes. The CD contains 21 episodes and a bonus feature of Top Television Sleuths. Not rated - Universal Home Entertainment.


thediehardcollection140.jpg'Bruce Willis Die Hard Collection'

Get ready to rumble and jump with the high energy from one of New York's toughest cops, Detective John McClane. The 4-disc set includes the movies Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Die Hard with a Vengeance and the fourth disc has commentaries and featurettes that will keep Dad out of the fridge for hours. Rated "R" - Fox Home Entertainment.


the_sand_pebbles140.jpg'The Sand Pebbles'

Steve McQueen stands out as an engineer aboard the gunboat U.S.S. San Pablo, assigned to patrol a tributary of the Yangtze in the middle of revolution-torn 1926 China. Romance, honor and integrity are at stake when the gunboat's presence reaches a climax. Can the ship and its small crew survive when they must crash through a China-backed barrier to rescue missionaries? Rated "PG-13" - Fox Home Entertainment.

 denzel_washington_collection140.jpg'Denzel Washington Spotlight Collection'

What father doesn't admire Denzel and his acting abilities? This collection of four films - Inside Man, The Hurricane, The Bone Collector and Mo' Better Blues covers the genres of crime, music, romance and mystery. All rated "R" - Universal Home Entertainment.


legends_of_autumn140.jpg'NFL Films Legends of Autumn Vol 1 - 3'

This 3-disc set of NLF films includes Legends of Vol 1: In the Beginning, Vol 2: The Men Who Played the Game and Vol 3: Legends in the Making. Any football fan will be thrilled to own this collection that spotlights moments and players in the NFL's 40 year history. Rated "R" - Warner Home Video.

twelve_oclock_high140.jpg'Twelve O'Clock High'

When a new General (Gregory Peck) arrives to instill pride in an American Bomber Group low on morale due to their heavy losses in the skies over Germany, he finds resistance to his ideas. A great performance by Peck, and this new 2-disc edition has seven great bonus features. Not rated - Fox Home Entertainment.

vons_ryans_express140.jpg'Von Ryan's Express'

Action and adventure unfold as an American POW (Frank Sinatra) leads his fellow prisoners on a dangerous escape from the Germans in Italy. When he makes a bad mistake, the British soldiers don't believe he's the man the lead them. Rated "PG" - Fox Home Entertainment.



black_snake_moan140.jpg'Black Snake Moan- Blu-Ray and HD-DVD'

If Dad was lucky enough to get a Blu-Ray or HD DVD player for Father's Day, he might find Samuel L. Jackson's performance intriguing this film that balances race, religion, and sexuality to expose the human soul and how some people deal with emotional pain. This high definition DVD paints vivid images of the Bayou area you won't forget. There are six good bonus features as well. Rated "R" - Paramount Home Entertainment.

terminator_3140.jpg'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - HD DVD & Blu-Ray'

He may be the Governor of California but Arnold Schwarzenegger will never outlive his reign as the sci-fi time traveler T-101 Terminator who created his character in several episodes to the series. The HD DVD unfolds this story in incredible high-definition and the 10 bonus features include an intro by Schwarzenegger.Rated "R" - Warner Home Video.

primeval.jpg'PrimEval -Blu-Ray'

If DAD is into horror films then he might enjoy this thriller about a news team sent to South Africa to capture a legendary 25-foot crocodile. But an angry warlord has something to say about that. AND kids under 15 should not watch this movie with Dad.   Rated "R" - Hollywood Pictures Home Entertainment.

prisonbreak140.jpg'Prison Break Season One'

Prison Break was a highly popular series for both genders, but Dad may have fallen asleep during some of those fast-paced and exciting episodes. He can catch up on what he missed, or watch the entire first season if he never saw the show with this 3-disc set of all 22 episodes. The set also has some nice bonus features. Rated "PG" - Fox Home Entertainment.


scarface100.jpg'Scarface' (1938)

Before Al Pacino revved up his star status in the 1983 Scarface, the 1938 version was a groundbreaking film that defied its genre.Howard Hawks directed and Paul Muni starred as the criminal madman who gave the cops a run for their money. Give Dad a taste of what a classic movie is all about with this Universal Cinema Classic DVD, introduced by TCM's host Robert Osborne.  Rated "PG" - Universal Home Entertainment.




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