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Louis B. Mayer James Colt Harrison
Merian C. Cooper Diana Saenger
Robert Wise Diana Saenger
Sam Fuller Diana Saenger
Sam Peckinpah Diana Saenger
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  • Interviews  ( 27 items )

    Sadly, the classic stars are disappearing, but it's fortunate we have so many of their interviews and legacies to inform and remind us of their amazing contributions to the early film eras. In this section you can find interviews some of our staff and guests have had the privilege to acquire.

  • Actresses  ( 12 items )

    Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield were sexy as heck, Doris Day and Gracie Allen were always good for a laugh but anyone could get lost under the spell of Vivian Leigh or Kathryn Hepburn. Join me here as we delve into the world of famous classic actresses.

  • Actors  ( 19 items )

    Who were the leading men in Hollywood during the Golden era of moviemaking? You know, the ones that made us swoon like Clark Gable or laugh until our sides split like Bob Hope. Find out all about them on these pages.



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