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Bacall, Lauren Profile


Lauren Bacall Profile



Date of Birth: September 16, 1924

Place of Birth: Bronx, New York

Date of Death: August 12, 2014

Place of Death: New York City

Cause of Death:  Stroke




Actress Lauren Bacall was born Betty Joan Perske on September 16, 1924 to Natalie and William Perske. Her mother came from Romania and her father was born in New Jersey; both from Jewish parents. After Betty's parents divorced, she no longer saw her father. Betty was a pretty girl with emerald green eyes. Her own interests gravitated toward acting and modeling. She became a teen-age fashion model at 16 and graced the covers of many magazines.


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Arsene Lupin Double Feature

barrymore_lobby_card_270.jpgI'm always interested to see how movies focused upon thieves, con artists, and the like manage to coerce morally-upright audiences to their side. The Sting did it by having the swindlers in its cast taking down a heartless mobster. The Godfather did it by creating a grand tragedy from Michael Corleone's descent into crime out of duty to his family. What's not so easy to play off of is the escapism angle, that little voice inside reminding us of all the bad stuff we'd be doing if we could get away with it. The "heroes" of these tales can be too impossibly smug to relate to, but not so in the case of Arsene Lupin. Created by French author Maurice Leblanc, the suave gentleman thief has ruled over the fantasies of readers for well over a hundred years. A number of media adaptations were inspired by Lupin's success, and while the character never caught on stateside, that didn't stop Old Hollywood from bringing him to the silver screen in two Arsene Lupin titles that the Warner Archive Collection has recently released in one handy double feature.

Tim Holt Western Classics Collection: VOL. 2

tim_holt_2_col_200.jpgThe clattering of hooves. The snap of a gun whipped out of its holster. The crack of some thug's jaw getting socked good. These sounds are music to the ears of Western aficionados, and there weren't many stars who were as prolific at bringing them to life like Tim Holt. When he wasn't a supporting actor backing up Humphrey Bogart in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre or Joseph Cotten in The Magnificent Ambersons, Holt set out on those dusty trails as the star of his very own series of popular prairie tales. But lest history pass his work over in favor of highlighting the era's more prestigious genre titles, the Warner Archive bunch has corralled ten movies showing Holt at his bronco-busting best. Covering some of the last movies he produced before heading off to war and some of the first he made upon coming back from battle, the Tim Holt Western Classics Collection: Vol. 2 is but a sample of the dozens upon dozens of engaging adventures that were the specialty of this unsung big-screen buckaroo.


  The Mosquito Coast



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