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A Summer Place


Romance, adultery and the drama of two teens falling in love even after discovering one of their parents had an affair with the other parent years before, all made the 1959 A Summer Place irresistible. Its beautiful and talented cast - Sandra Dee, Troy Donahue, Richard Egan, Dorothy McGuire, Constance Ford and Arthur Kennedy - were icing on the cake.

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Who's Afraid of Blu-ray?
Hooray for Warner Bros. for contiuing to redo the classic films in their Warner Archive Collection. It's great to revisit favorites from the past or watch some very interesting and entertaining films we haven't see and enjoy terrific actors now mostly gone. Check out this new series now available.



virginia_wolf_200.jpgMike Nichols directorial debut could have been a mess. Filled with megastars, ultra-successful source material and cutting edge content, he pulled it all together creating an astonishing success, the first of many for Nichols, and one of the finest films in the American canon. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton stars as Albee's immortal Martha and George - a passionate academic couple engorged in elaborate and destructive psychodrama.

Sandy Dennis and George Segal co-star as the young couple who get swept up in their madness. This new transfer is a stunning revelation, showcasing Haskell Wexler's hyper focused Black and White cinematography as never before. Special Features: Commentary by Mike Nichols and Steven Soderbergh; Commentary by Haskell Wexler; Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf: Too Shocking for its Time (Featurette); Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf: A Daring Work of Raw Excellence (Featurette); 1966 Barbara Walters Interview; 6 Sandy Dennis Screen Tests; Intimate Portrait: Elizabeth Taylor (Documentary Feature); The Comedians Trailer; The Sandpiper Trailer; The V.I.P.'s Trailer; Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Trailer (HD). 16x9 Widescreen



FATHER OF THE BRIDE (1950) on Blu-ray


father_of_the_bride_1950_200.jpgVincente Minnelli's classic family comedy sparkles like its young leading lady's eyes in this stunning new 1080p HD edition. Suburban dad Stanley Banks (Spencer Tracy) recounts the rollercoaster ride of his life following his darling daughter's (Elizabeth Taylor, beginning her ascension to the Hollywood heavens) marriage to a nice young man, Buckley Dunstan (Don Taylor).

Joan Bennett plays the bluster-busting mother, Ellie. Special Features: Two Newsreels (silent in SD); “Wedding Bells for Movie Star Elizabeth Taylor” & President Truman Meets Father of the Bride (in SD); Theatrical Trailer (HD). 16x9 Widescreen



Bulldog Drummond Double Feature

bulldog-drummond_1929.jpgJust as the era’s screens were bursting with more cowboys than we could shake a spur at, thus were sleuths comparatively copious throughout Hollywood’s Golden Age. From Charlie Chan’s modestly-budgeted adventures to the more high-end Philip Marlowe adaptations, our collective appetites for cinematic puzzlers have lasted as long as the medium itself. But sandwiched amidst the classics everyone remembers and the cheap stuff that only steadfast mystery buffs have even bothered to keep tabs on is a peculiar area, one comprised of characters once beloved but now all but forgotten. It’s a world inhabited by the likes of Bulldog Drummond, a British crime-buster created by H.C. McNeile who enjoyed great success on film and the printed page, only to drop off the public’s radar for the most part during the ‘50s. But the Warner Archive Collection hasn’t forgotten, as they’ve resurrected Drummond for a new double feature DVD set, starring Ronald Colman and Walter Pidgeon in two capers likely to convince us to give the character a second chance.




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