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Cary Grant, Taylor & Burton, Bogie & Bacall Collections

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Inc. (WBHE) and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) are adding three new collections to their TCM Greatest Classic Films: Legends line, which spotlights Hollywood's greatest legends. Available December 2, the newest additions are Cary Grant Vol. 2, Taylor & Burton and Bogie & Bacall.  Each collection features four classic films and is affordably priced at $27.92 SRP.

To build further momentum for these titles, WBHE has set the street date for the collections to coincide with the airing of one film from each collection on TCM. Additional promotional support will include on-air promotional spots on TCM and print advertising in TCM's Now Playing guide
Curtains (1983)

curtains1983poster.jpg1983's Curtains is the little slasher movie that just wouldn't die. After a tumultuous production period that delayed its release for years, the film found a loyal following once it hit VHS and late night cable television. Even as it humbly made its DVD debut as the crown jewel in a multi-pack of substandard horror fare, the flick's reputation continued to swell, compelling the folks over at Synapse Films to spring for a recent Blu-ray sprucing-up. Curtains -- starring John Vernon and Samantha Eggar -- certainly impressed yours truly when he first spotted its unsettling box art on a video store shelf, but how's it held up since then?

Admittedly, it has a few fairly rough patches where it's easy to tell that the whole thing is the result of two visions being forced upon one film. But considering how cheap and disposable many of the slice-and-dice outings of the time had a tendency to be, that Curtains can lay claim to any atmosphere and memorable imagery outside of its kills leaves it a cut above the rest.

Top Ten Classic Boris Karloff Films

the_black_room_poster_-180.jpgBeing the best part of every movie they're in should be in any great actor's criteria. They help masterpieces achieve their greatness and make cinema's most odious stinkers a little easier to endure. No other actor better embodies this attitude than my all-time favorite, Boris Karloff. Not only was the man engaged in some of the classic horror greats, he took on the admittedly many turkeys of his career with dignity and professionalism. Thus, I've assembled my picks for Mr. Karloff's 10 best performances, which aren't all necessarily from his finest films but still showcase his acting chops at their most effective. They're ranked as #1 being what I feel is Karloff's best performance.

Top 10 Horror/Scary Classic Films

Horror/scary films raise complex emotions. Some frighten us (The Wolf Man), others don't (Frankenstein) and a few even make us laugh, at least after seeing them the first time (The Creature From The Black Lagoon). Early Hollywood films were best at bringing vivid, alarming images to the screen and creating characters that could invade our lives when we least expected it - even in the form of a bat. Who could ever forget Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff or Vincent Price? My list of picks may not be as frightening as the first time we watched them, but they're still captivating slices of classic terror and an enjoyment of the wonderful actors who portrayed some of cinema's most memorable characters.


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