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Cary Grant, Taylor & Burton, Bogie & Bacall Collections

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Inc. (WBHE) and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) are adding three new collections to their TCM Greatest Classic Films: Legends line, which spotlights Hollywood's greatest legends. Available December 2, the newest additions are Cary Grant Vol. 2, Taylor & Burton and Bogie & Bacall. †Each collection features four classic films and is affordably priced at $27.92 SRP.

To build further momentum for these titles, WBHE has set the street date for the collections to coincide with the airing of one film from each collection on TCM. Additional promotional support will include on-air promotional spots on TCM and print advertising in TCM's Now Playing guide
Chariots of Fire Blu -Ray preview

chariots_of_fire-200.jpgChariots of Fire, the inspiring true story of two very different men competing in the 1924 Olympics, is available on Blu-ray Disc for the first time on July 10 from Warner Home Video (WHV). The title's release will coincide with this year's Summer Olympics in London which begins at the end of July.

Romeo and Juliet 1936

romeo_and_juliet_1936_poster_200.jpg1936ís Romeo and Juliet epitomizes everything that film adaptations of William Shakespeareís tragedy tend to get wrong. Most of these pictures concern themselves more with the goings-on of two teenagers who barely know each other yammering at length about how in love they are, rather than exploit the infinitely richer subject matter of vendettas and their ultimate futility. All of the ensuing prose means nothing unless one can properly stress why a couple of crazy kids who didnít know any better were hastily driven into each otherís arms, so for a film to almost entirely do away with these motivating factors is asking for trouble. As a love story, Romeo and Juliet is threadbare to begin with, but when the lionís share of those thematic elements that nudge the eponymous lovers closer to their fates is outright ignored, all that's left over is nothing short of a teeth-pulling exercise. Starring Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer as literatureís most notorious star-crossed couple, this movie proves to be all spectacle and little soul, a bauble that bears the appearance of an artistic triumph but puts in next to none of the narrative grunt work.


Hellcats of the Navy



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