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Of all the 100s of movie stars I have interviewed Jimmy Stewart escaped my grasp. It was close, but then he got ill. jimmy_stewart_outer_space.jpgStewart is an icon to movie fans older and those young who have seen any of his 98 feature films. While many of his films deserve to be watched again and again, Warner Archive has released a few that might have gone undetected.

These DVDs can be streamed are Manufactured on Demand (MOD). To order visit ( or Some are available for streaming on Warner Archive Instant.

Perry Mason: Original Warner Bros. Movies Collection

perry_mason_mysteries_270.jpgNo one commanded a courtroom quite like Perry Mason. The defense attorney became a favorite amongst mystery lovers upon his very inception, from his early days in the pages of Erle Stanley Gardner's hot-selling novels to his most famous incarnation on television, as played by the indomitable Raymond Burr. But before radio and the small screen truly catapulted him into pop culture, Perry Mason was treated to a cinematic trial run courtesy of Warner Brothers. Although only a few of these features were wise enough to capitalize on its hero's job as a means of stirring up suspense, the hook was enough to reel in its fair share of admirers and set the stage for the genre giant the character would turn into in the coming decades. Now, years after their debut on the big screen, these six titles have come together in Warner Archive's Perry Mason: The Original Warner Bros. Movies Collection, an overall solid set of vintage potboilers sure to satisfy a classic cinema buff's appetite for some old-school thrills.

Tim Holt Western Classic Collection VOL 1

220px-tim_holt_western.jpgFew are the performers lucky enough to epitomize an entire genre. The Western has a number of famous figures to its name: Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, James Garner. These are the big dogs, the men who ruled the sort of movies where quick wits and a fast draw said everything that needed saying. But in the days where one could barely find a theater that didn't have some vast prairie splashed upon the screen, several actors churned out a prolific body of work but didn't quite have the necessary staying power. Tim Holt was one of them, a name known mostly these days to those who grew up in the heyday of Westerns and any relatives they passed the bug onto. With his innocent looks, easygoing charm, and penchant for seeing right done by the downtrodden, Holt was a perfect fit as he saddled up time and again over a career lasting over 70 movies, ten of which the Warner Archive crew has assembled into the Tim Holt Western Classics Collection: Vol. 1.


Mutiny on the Bounty

Two Disc Special Edition



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